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Classical Osteopathy

First introduced by founder Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in 1874, osteopathy is a science, a philosophy, and a practice. Classical (or Stillian) osteopathy places emphasis on the principle that the body is an integrated unit of function that is self-healing & self-regulating. Sometimes those abilities can become impaired or impeded by disease or structural imbalance and osteopathy works to restore those abilities within the body.

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Osteopathic practitioners use a variety of principle based manual techniques in order to reduce or remove restrictions within the body in order to restore the normal its physiological function, which allows the body to start the healing process.
Classically trained osteopathic manual practitioners are trained to look at the body as a dynamic unit of function in which every bone, muscle, nerve, vessel and organ are interrelated. This allows them to see patterns that aren't transparent when just looking at the systems individually. 

By looking critically at the human body this way, every treatment is tailored to the patient's specific needs. This means the practitioner does not need to memorize techniques, but in turn truly understands the functional anatomy.  

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